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Crater - cover


Man’s most ambitious experiment becomes mankind’s greatest threat ...

Biogeneticists open Pandora’s box by tampering with the genes of several primates, which escape and breed in the California wilderness.

Several years later, Matt Hayden, an expeditionary biologist, is trapped by an earthquake in the remote town of Crater during its annual reptile festival.

‘Marvelously engrossing, Crater has enough spellbinding intrigue to satisfy the most avid reader of adventure.’
#1 New York Times author Clive Cussler

Along with Clancy Ryan, his colleague, and Dr Lauren Vale, the town’s survivors are thrown into conflict with an arriving horde of hybrid apes, whose intelligence and breeding cycles have been genetically enhanced.

Fascinated by these creatures, Matt forms a tenuous friendship with the hybrids’ leader, Kubla. However, relations between the two trapped species deteriorate, and Crater becomes an apocalyptic battleground in humanity’s fight to remain the dominant species on earth.

Crater is a colorful adventure thriller full of imagination and breathless action.’
#1 New York Times author Dean Koontz


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