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Phoenix Connor


A lifelong enjoyment of adventure thrillers led to me becoming a full-time writer in 2004. Inspired by the cross-genre books of my mentor and friend, Dean Koontz, my first novel, Crater, was published by Random House in June 2007. The story combines action, suspense, romance, humour and horror against a scientific background. I’m currently working on my second novel, an adventure thriller set in an ancient city in present-day Turkey and featuring characters from Crater.

Over the years my articles and short stories—mystery, suspense, romance and horror—have been published in magazines around the world. In the US, my articles and stories have been published in The Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Fiction Writers Magazine, Twilight Zone, and Doppelganger. In Britain, my work has appeared in The International Writers News, Annabel, My Weekly, Writers Monthly and The Writing Magazine. In Australia, my work has been published in The Australian Horror and Fantasy Magazine, New Idea, Woman’s Day, Writers News Australia, as well as the Canberra Times. South African magazines that have carried my articles include Fair Lady and Darling. My short stories have been translated into Norwegian for the magazines Hjemmet, Norsk Ukeblad and Familien.

Outside of writing, I’ve explored the crater of a mildly active volcano, abseiled down cliffs, flown in hot air balloons, helicopters and Tiger Moths, trod the ruins of Pompeii, climbed Ayer’s Rock, breakfasted with an orangutan in Asia, and crawled through the tunnels of a subterranean city in the Middle East.

Some of my less enjoyable experiences include flying on a broomstick-like ultra-light, having a ten-foot snake draped around my neck, and travelling in a plane whose engine burst into flames over the Indian Ocean.

Apart from family and friends, writing remains the dominant force in my life.

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